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School Rules

A few high school students have strong opinions on what they would like to change about the school rules.

“I would want to change the dress code because I feel like the dress code shouldn’t distract others,” Delaney Haymore, junior, said.

“I would want to change the bathroom limit because I feel like there shouldn’t be a limit on the bathroom because some people have personal issues,” Catherine Slatoff, senior, said.

“I feel like we should change the first load and second load bus thing; I feel like we should all leave at once,” Morgan Van Der Hyde, junior said.

“I feel like we should change the bathroom limit because five minutes isn’t enough,” Dustin Webb, senior, said.

“I feel like the administrators should be less strict on the phone policy because a phone could go off on accident, and we would get in trouble for it,” John David, junior, said.

“They should change the phone policy to where we can have it at lunch,” Spencer Boon, senior, said.

“We should have more time on our phone,” Sidney Yarboro, sophomore, said.

“We should be able to get on our phone at lunch and in the hallways because some people are lonely and have no one to talk to, or maybe they’re antisocial,” Adyson Batemon, sophomore, said.

“They should change the dress code and the phone policy especially for lunch because we have no classes that time,” Semiyah Royal, junior, said.



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