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Students Enjoy Certain Classes

Underclassmen are in the process of making course selections, including required and electives, for the school year 2024-25.

Some of the course offerings make students excited to learn and come to school.

“My favorite class was psychology with Mr. Holden,” Jordyn Burgess, senior, said. “That is because Mr. Holden is very nice and does not overwhelm you with work; he also paces his classes well. I can’t think of any changes that could be made to make the class better,” Burgess said.

”Psychology with Mr. Holden has been my favorite class,” Katelyn Robinson, senior, said. His class reminds me of college classes as he does not pressure you to get your work done, you are expected to get it done yourself. There is nothing you could change about the class, it is perfect the way it is,” Robinson said.

“My favorite class has been gym; mainly because every time I’ve had it, I get to talk to friends and just catch up,” David Rice, senior, said. There is also no written work required, so it is an easy A. There’s nothing you could change about the class; it seems fine the way it is,” Rice said.

“I think gym is my favorite class,” Mason Harmon, senior, said. “I like it because as long as you show up and dress out you will pass. Gym is a good class if you just want to chat with friends and play some games. The one thing they could change is getting rid of basketballs. I’m tired of getting hit in the head,” Harmon said.

While students seem to enjoy electives the most, some are interested in core classes.

“I think environmental science with Ms. Puckett was my favorite class because she is a very good teacher and is good at explaining her work,” Brennen Oakes,  junior, said. “I think she is the best teacher ever. I learned so much from her. There is nothing that comes to mind that you could change about the class besides the students in it,” Oakes said.

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