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What Do Students Spend Their Money On?

Teenagers spend most of their money on clothing.

“I spend too much money,” Madison Kilgore, freshman, said. “The most common thing I buy is clothes, because you can never have too many clothes.

Kilgore showing off her stylish clothes

“I get my money from my allowance, and it does not last long,” said Kilgore.

“I buy a lot of clothes and jewelry; I know I spend too much, but I just like clothes,” Emma Buchanan, freshman, said. “Jeans and cute tops or hoodies are what I buy the most of when I go shopping,” said Buchanan.

Teen shoppers are loving their bags full of goodies.

“I buy mostly shoes, because shoes are just drippy; everybody knows that,” Saniyah Polk, freshman, said. “I feel like shoes are an essential that everybody needs multiple of. Most of the time I use my allowance money to buy things,” Polk said.

“For me it’s either makeup or clothes that I spend the most money on,” Lacey Mulero, sophomore, said. “I get most of my money from my job working on my great-grandparents’ farm.”

“The reason why for clothes, is that I like to be able to have a variety of things to choose from and sometimes I need new things,” said Mulero. “For makeup, I’ll see new stuff on TikTok or in the store that I just want to try.”

“I get my income from giving softball pitching lessons,” said Cora Liggon, sophomore. “Food is what I spend most of my money on,” said Liggon. “I have to eat after practice, usually at McDonalds.”

According to BusinessDIT, an online business resource, teens spend an average of $2,600 annually on clothes and food.

According to SecureTeen, a parental control app, there is a large chance that teens might be tempted to spend extravagantly on unnecessary things.




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