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Why Do Students Cheat?

Some students want to normalize cheating.

“I wanted good grades without having to put in the effort of getting them,” Anonymous Student 1, said.

”Students cheat. Just to maintain a self-concept as honest people, they make their behavior an exception to a general rule,” Mr. Adam Tate, personal finance teacher, said.

”Some do it when they don’t see the value of work they are assigned,” Ms. Allie Reid, math department teacher, said.

‘Students use technology as a gateway to cheat. Quizlet has answers to thousands of worksheets and students use when they want to put effort into the work or even try.

”I think students cheat because of the pressure sometimes the teachers hold over us. When teachers try to squish knowledge into our brains, it doesn’t always stick, and we result to cheating,” Anonymous Student Two, said.

“A common way of cheating in the English department is plagiarism, and I believe students do this because they think they are not capable of writing a fairly decent research paper or persuasive essay,” Mrs. Erin Hall, English teacher, said.

”There is not enough motivation to gain the knowledge so sometimes we take the easy way out,” Anonymous Student Three said. “It’s the grade that matters; not learning the material we won’t even remember a week later when a quiz or test is scheduled.”



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