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AirPods vs. Headphones

At CHS, the students around campus use various devices to listen to music.

The most popular device was AirPods.

Madeline Evans’ AirPod Pros are decorated in a cheetah print case, which she uses daily.
A student’s AirPod Pros are stored in a vibrant pink case with gold key chain. She uses them daily and loves them.

“I use AirPods; I have the third generation,” Avery Norton, freshman, said.

“AirPods; I have the AirPod Pros,” Madeline Evans, freshman, said.

“I don’t have headphones, so I use AirPods also, I have the first-gen,” Allison Giles, sophomore, said.

“I have AirPods, and they are the third generation,” Peyton Owen, freshman, said.

“AirPods; I think they are the AirPod Pros,” Kevin Argueta, freshman, said.

The students have various reasons they use the AirPods.

“I would rather use AirPods because headphones are too big and bulky,” Jamesha Chalmers, freshman, said.

“I don’t like having something over my head, and AirPods are more subtle. Sometimes people can’t see that you have them in,” Norton said.

“I got them [AirPods] for Christmas last year, so that is why I use them. The AirPods are also easier to hide and are less bulky,” Evans said.

“I don’t like the way headphones go over my head; AirPods are also more discreet,” Giles said.

“The AirPods are less visible, and I probably wouldn’t wear headphones in public because they are so big,” Owen said.

“AirPods have noise cancellation, and I like it when other people can’t hear my music,” Argueta said.

Other students use both headphones and AirPods.

Jacobi Bradner’s black Beats Solo 3 that he uses during baseball practice.
MarKayla Mayo’s rose gold Beats Solo 3, that she thoroughly enjoys using.











“I usually use AirPods, but I have both,” Rebekah Appleton, freshman, said.

“It depends. When I’m at school, I like to use AirPods. At home, I use my Apple Max headphones,” Caitlynn Hawkins, junior, said. “The AirPods are good for school because you can’t see them. I use my headphones at home because they are cute and noise-canceling.”

“I use both. I have regular AirPods and Beats Studio 3; The AirPods are more convenient, and the Beats have better sound quality and bass,” James Elliott, freshman, said.

“Both, I have the Beats headphones and the second-gen AirPods. I use the Beats at the gym or during car rides and the AirPods at school,” Kinslee Cassell, freshman, said.

Few students only use headphones, or they don’t use anything to listen to music.

Coach James Banks sits sadly in the gym with no headphones or AirPods.

“I only use headphones; they are JBL. I don’t like it when the AirPods are in my ear for a long time, and they start to hurt,” Madison Griffin, freshman, said.

“Neither, I’m broke and have an Android,” Jaye-Nicole Dickerson, freshman, said.

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