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Chathams Students’ Exotic and Unusual Pets

CHS students have a variety of unusual and cool pets.

”I have a bearded dragon, and his name is Roku,” Gracie Hyler, junior, said. “I’ve had him for 13 years, and they normally pass away at  ten years or less. I’m very fortunate that he’s lived so long.”

Gracie Hyler’s bearded dragon, Roku.

“I have a bunch of cool animals, but by far my chameleon is the coolest I have, his name is Boyfriend, and I’ve had him for about a year,” Kallie Beck, junior, said.


Kallie Beck’s chameleon, Boyfriend.

“My family and I got a hedgehog about two years ago, his name is Darkle,” Amber Blevins, sophomore said. ”He is very hostile and mean,”  Amber Blevins, sophomore,  said.

Amber Blevins’s  hedgehog, Darkle.

”I adopted a leopard gecko named Shelly last year,” Ryann Anderson, junior, said. “She’s very sweet, and loves to jump with her arms and legs open, kinda like a squirrel,” Anderson, said.

“My grandpa bought me a monkey,” Kayle Santiago, junior, said. “we called her Monk Monk. She was mean; she would bite a lot. Unfortunately, she froze to death and is no longer with us.”

Kayle Santiago’s monkey Monk Monk.


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