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Cavalier Athletics Summary Week 16

Arianna Petty and Sarah Hailey

May 14, 2019

CHS's athletic teams had a busy week. The varsity baseball team had three games; they won two out of the three games. In the first game they went against Magna Vista and won 14-4. Logan Nichols was the starting pitcher,...

Cavalier Athletics Summary Week 13

Arianna Petty and Sarah Hailey

April 29, 2019

The varsity baseball team won three games this week. The win against Dan River was 8-0. Andrew Potojecki pitched the game; he struck out 11 and allowed three hits. Matthew Arnold had a double and a single, and Graham Dalton made...

Cavalier Athletics Week 10

Arianna Petty and Sarah Hailey

April 2, 2019

The Chatham Cavaliers had an astounding winning streak before spring break. Our JV baseball team beat the Gretna Hawks 15-2 on March 20. David Oakes had one hit and pitched with four strikeouts. Henry Hurt pitched 2-4 innings....

Athletes Make Spring Sports Teams

Arianna Petty and Sarah Hailey

March 1, 2019

CHS students made the team rosters after weeks of conditioning and try-outs. The students who made Varsity baseball are Grayson Reed, Luke Martin, Andrew Potojecki, Brady Owen, Graham Dalton, Hunter Adkins, Thomas Rogers, Jacob...

Cavalier Athletes Week 2 Summary

Arianna Petty and Sarah Hailey

January 25, 2019

CHS wrestling team placed second in a tournament at Tunstall High School Jan. 23. Tunstall was first, Magna Vista third, and Bluestone fourth. There were three matches for individual performances. Joe Gillispie and Taylor Moore...