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Superstitions Are Super Spooky

Some people have a strong belief in superstitions.

Are superstitions some sort of  cosmic retribution or just coincidences?

“I believe that some superstitions are true,” Katelyn Robinson, senior, said. “I think black cats are bad luck, and they are just scary in general. I also believe seeing bats brings evil and darkness for family members. My grandmother used to tell me stories about people she knew who believed in superstitions and things that happened to them because of it. I started believing them because if so many people believe in it can’t just be coincidence. I also think social media plays a role in spreading this information and making more people believe it,” said Robinson.

“I don’t believe in most superstitions,” Jordyn Burgess, senior, said. “I do believe that whistling in the house or outside late at night will bring bad luck and bad creatures such as skinwalkers. My uncle who lives in the Appalachian Mountains is the one who told me about this belief because he swears he’s seen and heard things while living up in the mountains. I think if you do not know what is out there it is better to not find out. While he may not be the most reliable source, I do still believe him,” said Burgess.

“I don’t think I believe in any classic superstitions,” Brooklyn Johnson, senior, said. “I do believe in karma. I think if you speak badly about something or someone, bad things will happen to you. When I was about fifteen, I just started putting more thought into it and started paying attention to the consequences of my actions. Talking negatively about something or just speaking about negative things can have negative impacts, so it is better to just not do it in the first place,” said Johnson.

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