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The Affects of Divorce

Both students and adults feel the effects of the parents’ divorce no matter how long it has been.

Divorce can be painful, but most people learn how to cope.

“I was seven months old when my parents were divorced,” Markayla Myers, a freshman, said. “My parents being divorced does not make me think differently about love, because divorce is a part of life,” Myers said. “My parents being divorced had a somewhat of an impact on me only because it was hard living between two households.

“For a bit I was sad, but now it’s been so long since the divorce, I’m perfectly good,” Myers, said. “My advice for other teens who are dealing with their parents being divorced is to just not overthink it too much,” Myers, said.

“I was seventeen years old around the time my parents divorced,” Mr. Patrick Riley, a digital applications, teacher, said. “No, I don’t think differently about love because I came up with my own concept of love,” Riley, said. “It did affect my ability to go to college and to be able to pay for it,” Riley said. “I feel wonderful as of right now,” Riley, said. “I do think people need to just try and communicate about your feelings,” Riley, said.

“I was two years old when they [my parents] got divorced,” Alexis Colsen, a senior, said. “I was too young to even understand anything about divorce,” Colsen, said. “It was definitely hard while growing up without both of my parents together in the same household,” Colsen, said. “It was super hard, but at the moment I’m okay, but I could be better. Having a strong mindset in the process will help in the long run,” Colsen, said.

” I was two years old [when my parents divorced,” Gavin Shields, a junior, said. “I didn’t understand how two people in love could just give up like that. It made things difficult because as a kid I never understood why they chose to divorce. I’ve gotten used to it over the years,” Shields, said. “Just appreciate the double birthdays and Christmases.”






















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