Must-Watch Classic Horror Movies

With Halloween coming up this weekend, watching scary movies with friends is a popular activity.

  1. Halloween– On a Halloween night in 1963, Michael Myers kills his sister Judith. He was sentenced to jail for fifteen years but while being transferred, he escapes. Myers returns to his hometown to find his next unfortunate victims.  The Halloween franchise has several follow-up films that continue the mayhem. The most recent movie, Halloween Kills, was released October 2021. Classic Horror Villains and Monsters MASH UP Movie Character Collage Art Poster 24x36 inches with Certified Sequential Holographic Sticker for Authenticity : Toys & Games

      2. The Shining–  Writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) becomes the winter caretaker at an isolated hotel in Colorado. His wife, Wendy, and son Danny join him. Danny experiences visions that are more disturbing as time goes on. Driven by the hotel’s dark secrets, Jack’s personality changes for the worse and he harms his family. The Shining is a two movie series based on the books by Stephen King. 

      3. The Conjuring–  Two paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, are asked to come to the Perron family home. The family experienced supernatural events which soon escalate after the Warrens discover the home’s shocking history. The conjuring universe is a part of multiple franchises and movies that all tie into the same plot.

      4. Friday The 13th– With a history of murder, Camp Crystal Lake sets up a summer camp defying the superstitions. Characters Jack, Alice, Bill, Marcie, and Ned find themselves stopped by a killer who blocks them in the road to the camp. The counselors fight to stay alive against a merciless killer by the name of Jason. There are multiple movies that tie into Jason.

     5. Scream–  An anonymous killer who wears a mask starts going after high school students. Fear escalates in a peaceful town in California. The movie is meant to be funny and scary at the same time.