Top 5 Netflix Shows

The top five Netflix shows on the list are America’s most seen and popular shows.

They usually changing every time a new season of a popular show comes out.

  1. Maid is about a single mother who becomes a housecleaner to escape from an abusive relationship and overcome homelessness and create a better life for her daughter, Maddy.
  2.  Colin in Black and White is about explorations of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s high school years and experiences that led him to become an activist.
  3. Locke and Key following their father’s murder; three siblings move into a house filled with reality-bending keys; from the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.
  4. Cocomelon is nursery rhymes for children’s entertainment. Chancelor Long, senior says,”My baby sister loves Cocomelon, and when the theme song comes on she starts dancing.”
  5. Army of Thieves in this prequel to Army of the Dead, a mysterious woman recruits bank teller Deiter to assist in the heist of impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.