Gift Ideas for Christmas

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge.

“Some of the best gifts to give to someone is anything personal that you know they will enjoy,  like something handmade, or something they might have asked for recently. Just really anything thoughtful. The thought is what counts,” said sophomore, Susie Wilkinson.

“I think that the best gift that you could possibly ever give to someone is something that they will actually use; otherwise, it’s not worth getting for them, in my opinion,” said sophomore, Shane Mays. “I also feel that money is a good option to give for gifts because they can choose what to spend it on that way it’s not wasteful.”

“I love to receive gift cards for my gifts because I feel that they can be at a good price range, and they are not that big and you can put almost any amount of money that you want on them,” said sophomore, Whitney Rigney.

“Gift baskets are definitely a win to me because they are so thoughtful and cute in my opinion. Things like candles, candy, fuzzy socks, and other little knick-knacks that they like would be super affordable and very thoughtful to get them,” said sophomore, Marisol Estrada.

“When trying to find the perfect gift for someone, I go by the four gift rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read, because I think its gives their gift some variety instead of just one gift,” said sophomore, Autumn Cassell.