Senior Postgraduate Plans

Many seniors are beginning to receive college decisions and are making postgraduate plans.

Aidan Hall, senior, is planning on joining the airforce this summer. Hall signed on during the first semester and dedicated to the military.

“I aim to become an Air Force mechanic. I just want to be making good money,” said Hall.

Other students already prepare to live in a dorm as they make their decisions.

Carly Stowe, senior has it all planned out and is counting down the days until graduation.

“I’ve wanted to go to Virginia Tech for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to get out of Danville and experience independent life,” said Stowe. “I want to be a neuroscientist, so I plan on getting a pre-med with a minor in psych.”

One hundred four seniors have submitted at least one college application, with 27 seniors submitting three or more. One hundred one seniors have received at least one college acceptance and 16 have received three or more.

Out of 156 seniors, 53 of them have already filed their FAFSA. Mrs. Miranda Quarles, the college advisor, is hosting another FAFSA night next Thurs., January 26.