With only one month left to go in school, senioritis is beginning to intensify.

As senioritis is becoming more potent, students have taken measures to prevent them from giving up so close to the end of the year.

“By making sure you keep up with your work and attendance is a way from preventing getting senioritis.” said, Juelz Williams.

Making the final decision after school is the most common struggle to seniors.

“Finding employment and deciding what college you are going to can be hard and cause frustration.” said, O’Brian Coleman.

This can affect the seniors in a way that their futures could be a struggle.

“Senioritis can turn into something wrong if you do not motivate yourself to get up everyday and test your knowledge,” said Qualiq Scott.

Showing effort and putting in your all can prevent seniors from getting senioritis.

“Going to school, believing in yourself, and getting a lot of sleep is important because if you do not put your all in your senior year, it will go down hill fast,” said Ethan Riley.