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    Mean Girls Explained

    Mean Girls in high school mistreat others and cause drama at school and on social media.

    Many high school students have felt the wrath of aggressive and hateful girls, mean girls. Often, the victim’s daily activities are heavily influenced by the drama and social ranking of the mean girls.

    “Mean girls are undoubtedly a real thing,” Elizabeth Yeatts, sophomore, said. “I’ve been around them before and heard the horrible things they say and talk about. They’re always just trying to degrade people in general.”

    “The issue has been around basically since the creation of high-school, that mean girls are a thing, basically they are just insecure girls that feel entitled to make other people feel bad about themselves,” Yeatts said. “I personally haven’t really been affected by the girls, only because I could care less of what somebody has to say about me, but I do know that mean girls have become a bad part of a lot of high schoolers days,” she said.

    “Speaking from personal experience, the mean girls of high school are a big problem,” an anonymous junior said. “So much more of my time could be devoted to paying attention and actually doing my work, if I didn’t always have this dark cloud of self hate (resulting from the mean girls) over my head.  They [mean girls] feel entitled for literally no reason. Usually the only advice we get on how to avoid mean girl trouble, is just to ignore them or that it’s our fault we’re getting hurt,” she said. “But in reality, it’s a never-ending cycle of pain for as long as you allow yourself to be surrounded by negativity.”

    “These girls make everybody feel worthless, and unliked,” the anonymous junior said. “Pretty much the only reason I hate high school is because of the so-called elite social group of mean girls.”

    “I don’t really think that mean girls are an issue, not that I am one, but honestly mean girls are just a stereotype,” Jessica Johannes, eighth grader, said. “People these days get hurt way too easily, but people are mean. There will always be people trying to put you down in life, because they have nothing better to do honestly,” Johannes said.

    There are a variety of opinions on why mean girls are mean.

    “These girls have judgment problems and have nothing better to talk about,” Yeatts said.

    There are way to fix the issue of mean girls.

    “Maybe they just need a taste of their own medicine. They always hurt people without thinking twice,” said Yeatts. “But I bet if they knew how it felt to be the one  getting hurt for just once they might change their attitudes. High school is meant to be a place where young adult students, have a chance to get a meaningful education while having fun and enjoying themselves,” she said. “Now it’s turned into some big fiasco controlled by the socially elite.”

    “If you don’t want to get hurt by them just ignore them. If you don’t make yourself vulnerable, then most likely you’ll be left alone,” said Johannes. “I really don’t mean to sound like a mean girl myself, but a lot of this drama and self-hate surrounding mean girls is self-made, the so-called victims of mean girls are most likely just insecure and want some attention,” she said.


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