Astroworld Tragedy

The tenth person just died from the stampede at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert in Houston, TX.

The ages of those dead vary from ages nine to 27-years-old.

The victims of this horrific event are Ezra Blount (9), Bharti Shahani (22), Madison Dubiski (23), Brianna Rodriguez (16), Franco Patiño (21), Axel Acosta (21), Danish Baig (27), Jacob (“Jake”) E. Jurinek, Rudy Peña (23), and John Hilgert (14).

There are video clips of people screaming at staff to stop the show and telling them that someone died or passed out next to them, but the screams were ignored. Travis Scott pointed out one person passed out and told someone to “help him,” but then he continued to sing and disregard all of the others.

“Everyone is responsible for what happened,” says Carissa Carter.”Travis Scott did not seem to care; his team knew what was going on but did not try to stop the show, and his fans were more focused on the concert than peoples’ lives. Not to mention, his fans are known for being out of control.”

First Responders at the festival were understaffed and unprepared for what was unfolding in front of them. Later, some said that their radios were not working because the loud music was making it impossible for them to hear. Some were even heard pleading for help with the situation.

According to a New York Times report, the main issue for the stampede was because of the large crowd of 50,000 people at the festival. The people were tightly packed together and there was no controlling the crowd surges. People could not breathe because there was no room around them, while others were trampled and broke limbs in the ensuing panic.

Amanda Dalton says,” I never listened to his music or knew much about him, but I do know that steps could have been taken to prevent this and Travis Scott should have taken the initiative.

Currently, there are over 400 lawsuits pending against Scott according to Billboard magazine.