Students are frustrated by the lack of opportunities to use the school bathrooms with the frequency they desire.

Bladder infections can be the result of waiting to long to visit the bathroom, according to geisinger.org/health-and-wellness.

Teachers are allowed to limit the amount  of times students can visit the bathroom during class; however, no student is denied the opportunity to visit the bathroom. Instead, once the student has used up their passes, they receive a tardy for each subsequent visit. Seven tardies result in a penalty that includes After School Detention.

Many female students believe their bathroom visits shouldn’t be limited due to their menstrual cycles. Female students shouldn’t be given a tardy if they have to deal with feminine issues.

“I feel like it’s inconsiderate for females, and that there should be no limit; and we should have hall monitors instead,” said senior, Messyah Felder.

“The problem is that students are congregating in the restrooms between classes; they get in the way of people who actually have to use the bathroom. It makes me mad,” senior, Duchess Rogers.

Although students think bathroom passes are obnoxious, teachers have a different opinion.

“I think all students should be limited, because it’s hard to determine who abuses going to the bathroom,” said librarian Deborah Maxey.

“Students should utilize the seven minute breaks between classes to actually use the bathroom, and not wait until class time,” said a teacher who wished to be anonymous.