Tim Burton’s “Batman”: Movie Review

Tim Burton’s Batman was the first Batman film to be released in cinema in 1989.

This movie featured the famous actor Michael Keaton as the Batman.

Batman was the second superhero to come on the big screen after 1978’s Superman, and Batman proved to be a huge success.

This is the second best Batman film ever made. Tim Burton, the director, did a good job at making the Batman dark and eerie. The atmosphere of Gotham City is amazing. Nighttime feels ominous and crime-filled, while the quality of the movie makes it feel even more immersive in the darkness. And the music in this movie is a classic and was very influential to other movies and is one of my favorite movie soundtracks.

The main villain of this movie is the Joker. The Joker in this movie was way different then any seen previously because he has an actual name and backstory which was a first for his character at the time. This Joker is a lunatic; a crazy, deranged criminal. It tells the story of how he fell into a vat of chemicals which caused him to go insane. The Joker tries to take over Gotham by giving everyone his laughing gas that causes them to laugh until they eventually die.

The Batman in this movie is very well done. His suit is really cool-looking, but he does not have the ability to move his neck with his mask on. His batmobile and batwing look stunning with all the details and how the color is completely black. Michael Keaton gives a good impression of the Batman, but he has limitations with how he moves and fights.

Overall this is a really good movie. It has nostalgia and the way this movie presents Batman and his world is done very well. I recommend this movie to anyone whether they have or haven’t watched anything Batman related.