Zackary Williams – Teacher Spolight

Zackary Williams with his wife.

Mr. Zackary Williams is in the Teacher Spotlight this week.

Williams has been a science teacher for six years and very much enjoys what he does.

Even though his day is never the same, he always tries to make a difference. I would say, it is overall enjoyable; getting to explain things to people is something I have enjoyed and so doing that every day for a fulfilling cause is very nice, Williams said. He chose this profession just on a whim.  I found myself truly enjoying it; I applied not knowing what to expect and found myself with the job a couple of weeks later, sometimes doors open for a reason, and I saw the open door, so why not walk through it, Williams said.

Williams earned his college degree at Averett University.

I would say, aside from always trying your hardest at whatever you decide to do, you should always take some time to breathe and enjoy the moment in front of you; time is a fleeting thing, and you can never get it back once it is gone. Make the most of your time so you can look back at your stories and be able to reminisce with others who you surround yourself with, Williams said as advice for students. He enjoys playing video games in his free time and this has been a passion of his since he was five-years-old.

My fondest memory in Mr. Williams’s class would be when we talked about The Ice Age in class, Cali Perry, sophomore, said. He’s great at making science entertaining because he involves video games into science logic, she said.

Even though Williams has many fond memories, his favorite is teaching things that students didn’t know, and the entertainment that comes with dissecting animals with his anatomy students. Seeing students be able to set aside their stomachs for the sake of science is never a dull memory, he said. My most enjoyable aspect of my job would be being able to answer the thought-provoking questions that I get, but also seeing someone’s face when everything just seems to click about a topic; it never gets old, Williams said. My least enjoyable would be grading papers because of how time-consuming it is, he said.

An enjoyable aspect of Mr. Williams would be how fun his class was; he always had a fun fact or something interesting to say, Kota Amos, sophomore, said. Mr. Williams inspired me to do better in science because of how close I was to failing his class.”

Teacher spotlight is where Chatham’s faculty and staff are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Each week a different teacher, principal, janitor, etc. will be selected and be recognized.