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Favorite Subject In School

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Students are very opinionated on what subjects that they are interested in.

Most seem to enjoy math the best.

“I enjoy reading because all you have to do is read and it’s pretty simple if you ask me,” Darcorius Starling, sophomore, said.

“Math is my favorite because I can use it in the real world because a lot of things involve math,” Semiyah Royal, junior, said.

“Reading;  it’s the easiest out of all the subjects,” Antonio Luck, junior, said.

“Math; I like money and math has a lot to do with money,” Jaden Breedlove, junior, said.

“Math; the formulas tell you how to solve the problems, and I’m also a math major,” Eli Goins, senior, said.

“Math; I like the step-by-step routine of it,” Seth Striker, senior, said.

“Math is easy to me, and I enjoy learning math,”  Amiracle Starling, junior, said.

“English, because all I have to do is read in that class,” Damarion Starling, senior, said.

“Agriculture, because it actually makes sense and it’s fun.” Ashton Flick, sophomore, said.

“English is my favorite subject because I love writing, and I love the freedom of it,” Haven Jones, freshman, said.

“I like math because it’s fun to learn about it,” Emma Weinkauf, junior, said.School+Subject+Labels+Classroom | Subject labels, Classroom subject labels, Book labels



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