Summer Break

Student have mixed emotions about summer break.

“I like summer break; I have a lot of free time to do different things I like to do,” said Logan Perry, freshman.

“I love the longer days that summer brings; it makes me wanna stay outside more, too,” Madison Roshe, sophomore.

“I don’t like summer; it’s hot, boring, and my friends aren’t around for two months,” said Amario Henry, freshman.

Students and staff are getting excited about their upcoming vacations.

“This summer I am going to Myrtle Beach with my family,” said Kameron Gerringer, senior. “It’s like a tradition my family and I have.”

“This summer, my youngest daughter is coming with my grandchildren for three weeks,” said Janet Bishop, English teacher. “The first week, we will vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains; we will fish, hike, and grill out on the deck a lot. After that, she will stay with me in Chatham.”

“I plan on going to Outer Banks with my family, and I might go hiking with some friends,” said Perry.

Students have certain summer memories that are their favorite.

“One summer, my uncle who is in the Army came and spent vacation with me before he got deployed,” said Kayleigh Harmon. “Honestly it was my favorite summer.”

“Going to the beach with my family is a favorite of mine,” said Gerringer. “We threw the frisbee and football, and we rode around on the jet skis.”

“My favorite summer memory is when I pushed a kid into the pool,” said Henry.

“One time my cousin and I went hiking; we decided to run down this hill. My cousin tripped and hurt his knee; I found it hilarious and after a while he did too,” said Perry.

“My favorite memory is when I got to go to Myrtle Beach for the first time with my family,” said Roshe.

Students and staff know that summer is here when they hear and see certain things.

“When I hear the sound of waves crashing, I know summer has arrived,” said Harmon.

“The taste of watermelon always reminds me of summer,” said Gerringer.

“Whenever I smell honeysuckle, it reminds me that summer is close,” said Perry.

“I love the smell of grilling  meat outdoors; I love the smell of flowers: all of these remind me of summer,” said Bishop.

“Whenever I see sunscreen and bathing suits appear in stores it gets me so ready for summer!” said Hannah Wilson, freshman.