School Lunch during the Week

School lunch is always a popular topic among students.

Many students eat the school meals, but everyone has a different opinion.

“I like the food some days, but every food has its pros and cons,” said Claire Crawford, freshman.

“I do not like the food at all here because in my opinion it’s not healthy and doesn’t have enough protein in it,” said Kayleigh Harmon, freshman.

Kids at Chatham High school also have their favorites and hated days.

“The tomato soup with the ham and cheese croissant is personally my favorite that they serve some days,” said Harmon.

“My favorite, like many other students, is the mandarin orange chicken dish,” said Crawford.

All students at Chatham High school do not eat their school lunch.

“I do not eat school lunch everyday. I pack my lunch everyday, but sometimes I eat school lunch also if I’m very hungry that day.” said Crawford.

“I won’t eat the school lunch unless I am absolutely starving that day because I do not like the school lunch at all except for one of the dishes that they serve,” said Harmon.

Students at Chatham High school wish that the school would improve their food.

“I definitely wish that they would improve on the school lunch because I feel like they should put some more fats and protein in the food,” said Harmon.