Advice from CHS Seniors

Graduating seniors have regrets and advice for those who still have more years of high school to complete.


“Take your hard classes first so your senior year is less stressful,” said Yashua Bridgeforth, senior.

“The best piece of advice I can give is to be yourself; don’t worry about what other people think, and even your closest friends can stab you in the back,” said Kelsey Shelton, senior.

“Make sure you have a good GPA and take your grades seriously if you want to get into college,” said Abby Totten, senior.

“Take it slow and experience all you can. Even when you feel like you’re running out of time, I promise you’re not. Find you, be you, and show you; that’s how you make it through,” said Taylynn Fitzgerald, senior.

“Get your work done on time and stay positive because it will feel great in the end,” said Austin Elliott, senior.

“Don’t give up or slack off on your work,” said Zoie Tahseen, senior.

Biggest Regrets:

“I wish that I would have played more sports… everything else I felt like was pretty good, and I would do it the same exact way,” said Fitzgerald.

“I should have spent more time with my friends,” said Elliott.

“I regret not playing basketball and running track this year,” said Alyssa Rader, senior.

“I wish I would have realized who was a true friend and who wasn’t; I also wish I had gone to my senior prom,” said Shelton.

“I regret not taking AP classes to get an advanced diploma,” said Bridgeforth.