Prom dresses at Chatham High School

Students at Chatham High School give details on their prom dresses.


Senior Quanandra Tunstall looked beautiful at prom. Quanandra’s dress was black and gold, “My mama inspired me to pick that color.” Tunstall also says, “I didn’t think my dress would fit my personality; it was something I would never wear.” Quanandra said, “I can’t remember where I got my dress but it was $208.” Quanandra rated her prom experience “I rate it 7/10 it really wasn’t how I pictured it.”

Senior Ellie Burley looked fantastic prom night. Ellie’s dress was black and gold. “I loved how the glitter and sequins appeared to change colors.” Burley said, “My prom dress fit my personality because it was very extra. I purchased my dress from Posh Prom in Charlotte, NC;  it was $540.” Ellie rated her prom experience a 7/10 too, “I enjoyed getting ready and taking pictures; however, the actual prom wasn’t the best.”

Sophomore Annie Terry looked stunning at prom. Annie’s dress was royal blue, “I liked the way the blue looked on me,” said Terry.  “I think my dress fit my personality because it’s my favorite color.” Annie said, “I got my dress online from a boutique it was $350.” Annie rates her prom experience overall, “My prom experience was good I rate it 8/10 because the music could’ve been better.”