Fall Horror Movie Recommendations

Many students enjoy horror movies, especially during the fall when they regain popularity every year

People enjoy the different kinds of genres of horror movies like comedy, thrillers, romance, and etc.

“Anyone who enjoys comedy horror movies should watch both of the Hocus Pocus movies,” Senior Juelz Williams said. “I thought all of the characters were funny and I loved the ending of both movies.”


“I think Beetlejuice is a perfect movie for someone who’s into comedy and horror movies,” Freshman Jaiden Lipford said. “My favorite scene from this movie was when Beetlejuice started singing trying to convince Lydia to say his name three times.

Thrillers are very popular during fall, especially during the month of October. Many students watch thrillers for all the twists in the plot and for the adrenaline that keeps them on the edge of their seat.

“People should watch all of the Halloween movies,” sophomore Jasmine Harrington said. “Every time Michael came onto the screen, I would jump out of my seat, I think these are good movies for anyone who enjoys a scare.

“I would definitely want to watch all of these movies for the first time again.”


“I recommend people watch the Scream Movie series,” Sophomore Destiney White said. “All of the Scream movies were great and I personally recommend people watch “Scream 3.”


Romance horror is another common genre of horror movies. Many of the movies are the same, but there are some that surprise most of the audience because of the twisting plot and unexpected endings.

“I think Fresh is a good romantic horror movie,” sophomore Kylah Pope said. “I think many people would like this movie, especially the part at the end.”

“Another good romantic horror movie is “Odd Thomas”,” Pope said. “Though I think most people would find this movie to be more about comedy rather than it being about romance.

“Overall the characters and plot were ok and the animations were cool.”

There are websites to watch these movies like Freetubespot, Soap2day, and Myflixer.