Career Choices After High school

Career paths and job opportunities are abundant after high school.

Students can choose different types of careers: operational and technical, professional, supervisory and managerial, and etc.

“I want to do something in the computer engineering or computer science field,” said sophomore, Shane Mays. “Doing something in the computer engineering or computer science field has always been something that I enjoy doing. I believe that there is a sense of security within a computer job field because computers and technology are only going to get more advanced and better so our jobs aren’t going to go anywhere. Something that I don’t like about these careers is that it is hard to start off with both of them because you need to know a lot about what your doing and also keep up with all the new tech coming very rapidly,” said Mays.

“I would like to do something in the performing arts field, such as acting” said senior, Duchess Rodgers. “”If the acting career doesn’t go to smoothly for whatever reason, I want to be a real estate agent,” said Rodgers. “If I was to do something in the performing arts field, it would probably be acting. I like the acting career because you get to embody characteristics of yourself, and you basically get to embrace yourself to the world,” said Rodgers.

The military is always an option.

“I’m thinking about being in the military because it is my dream. Ever since my brother went into the military and showed me that it’s something that I would like to do, I’ve been looking forward to that being my career when I graduate high school. I’ve also thought about being a surgeon when I get older because I could possibly save someone’s life and it’s a good paying career!” said sophomore, Carmen Royal.

“The thing that I like most about being in the military is because they do physical stuff mostly and I’m a very active person,” said Royal. “I like to do things like they do but the only bad thing about being in the military is that I’m going to be in different states away from my family and friends.  I won’t be able to spend as much time with them, but I will be serving for the state doing what I love and making good money. And like I’ve said before, I would like to maybe be a surgeon because they get to save people’s lives and to me, that’s big opportunity.”

“I’m interested in the forensic science because I like the mix of psychology, science, and criminal justice,” said sophomore, Alexandra Norris. “That’s really the only career that I am interested in.”