How to Get Your Crush’s Attention

Capture your crush’s attention

In high school, students spend some time trying to get the attention of their latest crush.

A crush is someone you’re attracted to, but are not dating.

“If I were to want to get my crush to notice me, I’d begin to make myself more available,” said Joel Steward, a freshman. “I’d open myself up more and talk to them more, and make her more comfortable.”

“I usually have crushes on my friends, so I guess I act normal, just a little more flirty,” said Lauren Moon, a freshman.

“I stay up late talking to them. I’m also a little mean to them,” Bailey Broussard, a sophomore.

“I don’t want them thinking I’m looking for everyone’s attention, so I just try to act low-key and a little flirty sometimes,” said Amya Carter, a freshman.

Those are just four of the tactics people use to get their crush’s attention. Other ways to get your crush’s attention would be to be friends with them, show interest, listen to them when they’re talking or strike up a conversation.

There are also ways to make them notice you non-verbally. You could wear something that makes you feel confident. Stand tall, wear a smile, and keep eye contact also helps a lot.

Capturing a crush’s attention can be difficult because it’s difficult to gauge someone else’s feelings, but make them feel comfortable with you, get them to smile  or be happy; you will most likely make them comfortable and notice you.