Students’ Opinions about PCTC

PCTC has numerous classes they are offering to juniors and seniors to take in order to help with their plans for future jobs.

Although it’s hard to get into the course you want, many juniors and seniors were accepted into what they wanted to take.

“I wanted to take auto body and was accepted,” said Pedro Bautista.  “My favorite things are painting and welding. I think sophomores should go to PCTC for new classes.”

“I am taking machining for the money in the future,” said a junior who wished to remain anonymous. “I enjoy cutting metal.”

“I didn’t get into the course I wanted to take but I did end up enjoying the one I got,” said an anonymous senior.

Recently,  sophomores took a field trip to tour PCTC. “I am really interested in the cosmetology program, and I think it will lead me to a future career.”

“I am interested in welding and think I will enjoy that course,” said Heidi Tosh.

Ms. Stafford, a biology teacher, stated that “PCTC is very good and helps kids get ready for real world jobs and get them on the right track.”