The Hippology Team at Block And Bridle

The hippology team went to Block and Bridle Feb. 10 for a hippology and horse judging competition.

Amanda Wyatt, sophomore;  Mary Ross, sophomore; Annabell Autry, sophomore; and Abigayle Sexton, junior,  on team A placed 27 out of the 66 teams they were competing against.

Chatham’s B team consisting of Madison Swanson, sophomore, and Ashton Flick. freshman, ended up placing 51.

There was a lot of mixed emotions going into the competition because for some it was their first time competing.

“I was very nervous going into it; I didn’t think I was going to do well at all,” said Flick who placed 102 out of 202.

“I was really excited because it was my first competition, but I was also a little nervous before I walked in,” said Ross who placed 79.

Different competitors had  favorite parts of the event.

“I really liked the ride there just hanging out with friends and talking,” said Flick.

“My favorite part was hanging out with everyone and getting to talk to some of the other contestants while I was there,”said Ross.

“The slide shows were my favorite part; they seemed to be easier than some of the other things,” said Swanson.

Many did enjoy it and hopefully will compete again next year at Block and Bridle.

“I really did enjoy it and will hopefully compete again next year,” Swanson.

“It was lots of fun; I can’t wait to do it again,” said Ross.