CHS Junior Places Second in 2023 VHSL States Wrestling Tournament

Fourth from Left: Matthew Marlowe placed second.
Left to right: Eli Kazmier, sophomore; Sam Weibking, junior,’ Matthew Marlowe, junior; Dallas Harrison, freshman; CHS wrestlers.

A CHS junior place second overall in the 2-Day VHSL State Wrestling Tournament t after placing first in the 2C Dogwood Regional Tournament.

Three CHS wrestlers advanced to the state tournament after placing in the regional tournament.

Each individual wrestled at least two matches because of double-elimination.

Dallas Harrison, freshman,  and Samuel Wiebking, junior, were eliminated in the first round.

Matthew Marlowe, junior,  wrestled in the semi-finals, and advanced into the finals round, where he placed second overall in his weight class, 165 lbs.

“I was nervous and worried about losing because I really wanted to make my family proud,” said Harrison.

“I felt great going into the match but started hurting due to the positions my opponent was using,” said Wiebking.

“I felt pretty normal before I started wrestling, and then came the finals round, and I started to get nervous as I advanced into the finals round; but I was also very confident in myself,” said Marlowe.

“I was really disappointed when I lost both of my matches,” Harrison stated.

“I felt really sad and angry because I knew I could’ve done better,” Wiebking said.

“I was very satisfied and proud that I placed second in my weight class,” Marlowe said.