Teachers Impact on Students

Teachers are constantly influencing students, but some teachers leave lasting impressions on their students.

“The teachers that have influenced me the most are Mrs. Bishop, Mr. Farr, Mr. Maxfield, and Mrs. Williams,” said Alexandra Smotherman, sophomore, “Mrs. Bishop’s class was probably one of my favorites; it helped me improve my writing abilities, my confidence, and was overall just a really fun class.

“Mr. Farr is a really great teacher. He obviously cares very much about his students’ well being, and  makes his class super enjoyable. Mr. Maxfield was the first history teacher I had that I actually enjoyed having. The topics were super interesting, and he covered them in a way that made them easy to understand.

“Mrs. Williams had to be on the list. I’ve had her as a teacher three times, and I’ve enjoyed every class. She makes French super fascinating, and I love listening to her own personal stories about the French culture. She also engages with the students, and her class never gets boring!” said Smotherman.

“Ms. Stafford is my favorite teacher because she has hamsters, and her class was easy. Because of the way she teaches, she makes learning easier,” said Jasmine Harrington, sophomore, “She impacted my life by just being in it.”

“Mrs. Williams is my favorite teacher,” said Elizabeth Yeatts, freshman, “She’s really funny and she makes me kinda like school, because she makes class fun and enjoyable.”

“Mrs. Riley is my favorite teacher because she is very entertaining while teaching,” said Ashley Gonzalez, freshman, “She impacted my life by making me pay attention during class by raising her voice once in a while when I’m sleepy.”