Casino Dealer Training

Caesars Casino started training dealers for the day they officially open their doors.

Potential dealers were taught two games and have classes for 11 weeks. Classes are offered four times daily.

¨I am kind of excited about it,¨ said sophomore Logan Perry, ¨I hope Caesars pays their dealers a lot.¨

The classes can hold 50 trainees, and dealers are trained to work at multiple facilities.

¨I like that they offer various times to train,¨ said sophomore Kayle Santiago, ¨It leaves room to fit into peoples’ schedules.¨

Some people are not excited about a casino in Danville.

“I think that they should just quit and stop building the casino anyways,” said senior Pedro Bautista, “It’s only going to bring more traffic and incidents to Danville.”

“I don’t like that our home is going to be crowded with strangers,” said an anonymous freshman.