School Clubs

There are multiple options for students wishing to join a club.

Students are able to join the Bible Club, Chess Club, Interact Club, Diversity Club, Book Club, Kindness Club, FBLA, FCCLA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and FFA.

Each club offers a different variety of extracurricular activities to further education or to have an enjoyable time with other members.

“I enjoy being in FBLA,” said freshman Jayla Miller. “It is very fun, and I love when we get to go to different places and learn more about how to be a strong, independent leader.”

“I like to be kind to people, so the Kindness Club is very welcoming to me,” said sophomore Autumn Cassell. “We get to do so many enjoyable activities for the students in the school; I’d recommend it for anyone.”

“Being in the FFA is so much fun,” said sophomore Grace Stowe.”You get to meet so many new people and you are able to get scholarships and all sorts of other things, and being able to go on trips to compete in competitions is very fun!”

Others just find the idea of having school clubs entertaining to them.

“I really think FFA is fascinating,” said sophomore Alexis Easom. “It’s fun to see my friends appear on the TVs around school because they competed in something.”

“The fact that we have some variety is really nice,” said sophomore Lane Burke.”I’m not the type of person to want to be in any clubs, but I think it’s cool to see that others are happy with it, even when I personally don’t really care about them. It’s definitely interesting but it isn’t my cup of tea.”

“All the clubs here are interesting to me, there could definitely be more clubs to choose from, but for what we have, I think It’s a great way to spend the afternoon or a weekend doing.” said junior Sarah Parsons.

If students want to join any of the clubs, they should go to the guidance office and they will tell you how to sign up.