Softball Spotlight: Kayleigh Harmon

Kayleigh Harmon at bat.

Left-fielder, Kayleigh Harmon, played with the Lady Cavs against Randolph-Henry recently.

“Although we had a great game, there is still room for improvement,” Harmon said.  “I feel like we could have done better at bat.”

“This season is going well, even though I feel like it can be better,” said Harmon. “I feel like practice is improving our skills during each game.”

“I hit off of a Tee for about an hour after practice; then I ice my arm and get a good amount of rest for better performance during the game,” said Harmon.

“No matter a win or a loss, there will always be things that are needed to be worked on,” said Harmon.

The Lady Cavs played an awesome game, even after the loss.

“For our upcoming game, Wednesday, against Gretna we hope to battle hard, work together, and communicate throughout the game to come out with a win,” said Harmon.