Brain Drain

Many students are having a difficult time in their classes this year.

Some are easy but some are really hard and brain draining.

“I have a really hard time in my math class,” said sophomore Madison Meadows, “I don’t understand why there are letters in math.”

“Earth science is probably the most difficult class I have ever been in,” said freshman Colin Norris, “It is a lot to learn at a fast pace, and we have to take a lot of notes.”

“I think chemistry is the hardest class I have had to take in high school,” said junior Teiojae Brandon, “The teacher moves way too fast and needs to slow down. It really does drain my brain.”

Although there are a lot of hard classes in high school, there are still some easy classes to give students a break.

“I think that digital applications is the easiest class to take,” said freshman Faith Hyler, “It is just really easy and you don’t have to do anything.”

“I think that creative writing is the easiest class I have ever had to take in my life,” said sophomore Lily Scarce, “I just get to use my creativity and there is no pressure.”

“I really like my English class and I think it is really easy,” said sophomore Aamira Standfield.