Teachers of Chatham High School

Teaching students is a joy for many teachers at Chatham High School.

What they like the most about teaching at Chatham are “the hard working students,” said Mr. Michael Brown, Spanish teacher.

Many of the teachers had other plans for their future instead of becoming a teacher.

“I started off as a translation major, but I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer all day. I also like people so this led to me becoming a teacher,” said Mrs. Sheri Williams, French teacher.

“I originally wanted to teach English in Europe, but they stopped visas so I couldn’t move there and pursue my dream job,” said Brown.

Lesson plans vary from classic worksheets, to workbooks and notes. A lesson plan takes up to 30 minutes for most teachers.

“I’ve been using the textbook for a long time, so most of my lessons have already been planned out ahead of time,” said Mrs. Williams.

“I give notes, and then they complete worksheets for practice so they know what to do during tests,” said Mrs. Paige Echols, math teacher.

Dealing with disobedient students can put a lot of stress on the teachers.

“I’ll directly tell them to stop, and if they don’t listen I’ll resort to writing them up,” said Mrs. Erin Hall, English teacher.

Teaching children together has created a bond between the teachers of each department.

“I get along pretty well with every teacher in this hallway, everyone is always supporting and kind to each other,” said Mrs. Jordan Buchanan, math teacher.

Teaching can be a challenge for many people, but Chatham High School teachers make it look easy.