Suspicious Student Email

Pittsylvania County School faculty, staff, and students received a strange email during second block on April 18.

The email contained a Powerpoint with a message saying  ” Hi everyone! Thanks for joining this project! Please don’t edit this slide. Thank You. On this project, you can talk with anybody you like, and share photos and pictures with others.”

Shortly after the email was sent out, teachers reported it, and  PCS IT took the email down.

” When I received the email, I looked around the room confused, then I realized I wasn’t the only student who got it,” said Angel Calderon, senior.

” I was very confused and found it strange. I thought it was someone pulling a prank,” said Emilee Blevins, sophomore.

“I found the email kind of funny,” said Ayden Plautz, senior. “He sent it to the entire county, not realizing that teachers would also receive it.

” I thought it was wild someone sent an email like that to everyone in the county,” said Payton Anderson, senior.

” I think it is scary a student can access emails the way they did and students shouldn’t have added to the Powerpoint because that endangers all of us,” said Dylan Buchanan, senior.