After Prom at CHS

Students enjoyed the After Prom party hosted by CHAPPS at CHS.

There were lots of drinks, snacks, games, and prizes.

“I had a lot of fun; there were many things there to do,” said Gavin Shields, sophomore. “There was  corn hole, 4-square; we played blackjack and laser tag,” said Shields. “The after prom party lasted from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.,” he said. “From all the prizes, I won $200 cash, and a few other awesome prizes,” Shields said.

“The parents did great creating this party for us,” said Canaan Sloane, junior. “It was very fun and the parents made it about the kids and not about themselves,” said Sloane. “I didn’t feel like I was being watched and bossed around; I felt like I had real freedom at the party,” he said.

“I loved the shirts this year,” said Ryan Meadows, senior. “I think they are much better than last year’s shirts and they had such a cool design,” said Meadows. “The shirts were our ticket into prom and they felt comfortable while I was running around playing games,” he said.

“My favorite part was the food,” said Emilee Blevins, sophomore. “They had little sliders that were so good, and they also had fresh fruit that was really refreshing after a long night of dancing at the prom,” said Blevins.