SOL tips

Study tips are important for sophomores about to take their biology SOLs.

Here are some beneficial test taking tips :

1.) Read the entire question: Take your time reading the entire question. If you don’t, you may miss important information and misunderstand the question.

2.) Try every questionTry out every question. By considering each answer, you can be more certain that you choose the BEST answer.

3.)Process of elimination: Eliminate any answers that you know are incorrect. Doing this will help you narrow down your choices.

4) Use your tools: Use whatever tools are provided during your test.

5.) Check your work: Make sure you have answered every question; never leave a question unanswered on an SOL.

6.) Get enough sleep and eat breakfast: Make sure you are getting enough sleep the night before, and having a healthy breakfast the morning of.

Stay confident in yourself. You got this!! Goodluck!!!