The Girls Basketball Team making it to Regionals

The girls basketball team made it to regionals because they were undefeated in the district.

Chatham High School is very very proud of their Lady Cavs making it to regionals and representing their school. As each game takes place the audience gets more hyped and very much louder.

The team walks in all the games with a positive mindset, but also with a little anxiety. As the season goes on, they begin to achieve more and more. They have gotten closer as a team and have became more comfortable with each other.  As they win more games, they have to travel more. The bus rides to the game and coming back from the game, they get a little entertaining.

“You don’t have to win, all you have to do is try,” Delaney Haymore, freshman, said. “With all of the games being won and lost, all that matters is that you have fun.”