The Negative Effects of Social Media in Teens

Social media is a big part of a high school student’s life.

It can be an addictive cycle that causes mental health issues.

Teenagers depend on social media to keep up with their friends and the updating trends.

They spend hours of their day scrolling through various social media apps. The constant scrolling affects teens sleep schedule and leads to procrastination. Kelsey Shelton, senior, says “I get lost in watching videos on TikTok and lose track of time and stay up late.” 

Social media also leads to comparison and low-self esteem.

Teens tend to compare themselves to others on social media and they develop insecurities. “It’s affected my mental health by making me insecure with my looks and how I act,” says Kasey Martin, a junior at CHS. “Teenagers are repeatedly looking at other’s posts and thinking the other person is better looking or has a better lifestyle. Many teens change their appearance in order to “fit in” with their following on social media.” 

Development of depression, anxiety, and loneliness are also common with use of social media.

Teens today spend much less time having social interactions with their peers and family.

They are reliant upon using their phone to communicate with others. Which leads them to feel socially isolated and emotionally unsatisfied. An excessive use of social media can additionally result in social anxiety. Teens are so used to talking/texting peers on social media platforms they sometimes become awkward and nervous in real life social interactions.

The use of social media impacts teens in an unhealthy and negative way.