March Madness 2022

The tournament for March Madness has begun; CHS students are starting to make their brackets and predictions for the final four.

“I have made a bracket for the tournament, and I think my predictions are right because I know my knowledge,” said Caleb Wells, a senior. “My underdog pick would have to be Auburn because people look over them, and I like what I see when they play.” Wells said, “In the final four, I have Auburn, Gonzaga, Arizona, and Kansas.”

“I am pulling for St. Peter’s because they are the underdog to me,” said Dawson Newell, a senior. “In the final four, I have Gonzaga, Houston, St. Peters, and Providence.” Newell said, “My underdog pick is still St. Peters because there is always a team who comes out of nowhere who is good.”

“I have made a bracket, and I think the majority of my predictions were good,” said Matthew Johnson, a junior. “I feel that March Madness is the best time in sports on Earth. The upsets and the games that are down to the last shot; it is thrilling and exciting,” Johnson said. “I have two underdog picks, and they are UNC and Miami because they are hot right now and have beat the odds.” “The matchups I am most looking forward to are UNC and Duke, Arizona and Purdue, and Duke and Gonzaga,” said Johnson.

“In my final four, I have Gonzaga, Arizona, UNC, and Wisconsin,” said Carissa Carter, a senior. “The team I am not a fan of is Duke because I do not like their fans,” Carter said. “As my underdog pick, I have St. Peter’s because they don’t get shown a lot and are a really good team. The teams I am pulling for are Gonzaga and UNC,” said Carter.