Laid Back Camp book 1: Manga Review

Laid Back Camp is a series of manga, or Anime book,  about high school girls who travel to various campsites around the world.

The first manga in the series starts off with the character Rin Shima camping at Lake Motosu in Japan.

This story is simple and charming. Rin is camping on her own until she is met by someone Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 1 (Laid-Back Camp, 1): 9780316517782: Afro: Books

Rin finds Nadeshiko Kagamihara, a girl who really wants to get into camping but does not know how to properly camp. Rin camps with her.

Nadeshiko gets inspired by how fun and interesting camping can be and takes it upon herself to learn how to camp easier.

In her school, there is a camping club that Nadeshiko decides to join. The story is of her and her fellow club members as they learn to do different camping activities; Rin looks for other things to do and get for her camping needs.

This story doesn’t have a big climatic ending; it ends on a pause so it can continue over to Book 2 which is enjoyable because this is a fun story that you can continue reading and not get bored by it.

I recommend this to anyone that wants to sit back and enjoy a simple, cute story.