Helpful Weekly Routine

Day-to-day life can become boring and tedious, but having a routine and goals to complete every week can help you feel more satisfied and accomplished. 


Day-to-day life can bring you down. At least five times a week, say something kind to yourself. Point out your best qualities and attributes. Some affirmations to try are “I am a good friend,” or “I am good enough.” Try to have a good balance of physical and non-physical traits you like about yourself. 


Taking care of yourself is extremely important. It can be difficult to perform well if you don’t feel your best. Self care can look like taking a hot bath or reading a book to wind down, but self care can also look like doing work you’re behind on or catching up on chores. Four times a week, practice self-care. 

3-Goals to set

Set three goals for yourself to accomplish this week. Set two minor goals, like drinking more water or reading more, and set one big goal, like cooking every night or finishing a project. Completing goals weekly will help you feel more accomplished at the end of the week. 

2-Things to try 

Life can become stale, repetitive, and depressing, but trying new things is a great way to keep life fun and exciting. You could take up a new hobby, try a new recipe, or try a new product. Try two new things every week. 

1-person to talk to 

Reaching out to somebody is a great way to make sure you’re keeping up connections to people. It can be nice to hear from a friend or loved one, and it’s always great to catch up with somebody. Try making a new friend or reaching out to somebody you already know once a week.