Dancers of Meredith Gravely

Many dancers at the Meredith Gravely School of Dance are thrilled for the upcoming dance recital “Just Dance” in May.

Lindsey Evans has danced for 12 years;  Savannah Morris for 11, and Faith Oakes for 12.

There are many different classes people can take while in dance.

Evans is in five classes: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap. Oakes is in six classes: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip, Hop, Jazz, Point, Tap. Morris does regular classes and the dance company. In total she does 13 classes: Ballet,  2 Contemporary, 2 Hip Hop, 3 Jazz, Line, Tap, Skills, Hip Hop, two Musical Theater, Lyrical.

“My favorite class is Contemporary and Hip Hop. With Contemporary you are able to connect with your feelings and Hip Hop is just super fun and

Savannah Morris, competition contemporary dance

energetic,” said Evans.

“Definitely Hip Hop or Jazz, they are the most fun to perform,” said Oakes.

“Probably Hip Hop; it’s just very energetic to do,” said Morris.

“Dance makes impacts on the dancers’ lives;  it helps them form lifelong friendships and keep the dancers active,” said Oakes.

Dancers learn hundred of dances throughout their career. “My favorite dance was in 8th grade. It was a Hip Hop dance called ‘Tambourine,’ or this year’s Tap dance called ‘Bailar,'”said Oakes.

“Mine has to be this year’s Hip Hop dance called ‘take 2,'” said Morris.

“It’s (favorite dance) was a Hip Hop company dance to Missy Elliot,” said Evans.

Some dances are very difficult.

“My least favorite was called ‘This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof.’ It was an eighth grade tap dance. It was terrible,” said Evans.

“My least favorite was in sixth grade: a tap dance called ‘I Just Want to Be Happy.’ It felt super childish to be in sixth grade,” said Morris.

Savannah Morris, LIndsey Evans, Faith Oakes, Chloe Gay after class.

“My least favorite dance was in eighth grade called ‘Never Enough.’  It was ballet, and I just don’t like that style of dance,” said Oakes.

The dancers are filled with emotions about the upcoming recital.

“Recital is so exciting,” said Evans.

“I’m pretty excited for this year’s recital,” said Morris.

“I mean I’m excited; I think it’ll be fun to finally perform all my dances for people,” said Oakes.