Beauty Standards

Students are constantly pressured to meet imaginary beauty standards promoted by social media.

“Eighty percent of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful, but they do not see their own beauty,”according to Dove’s research findings. “The problem with beauty standards is that they are an unrealistic image that society has set for women to live up to.”

“I think sometimes it can be hard to be confident,” said Lizzie McAdams, senior.

“I definitely let how I look effect my mood,” said Savannah Carlsen, senior. “If I don’t feel like I like how I look I just don’t feel good the whole day.”

“Other things beauty standards can cause are eating disorders and insecurities. People are even getting plastic surgery or photoshop. Standards are negativity affective and make you feel bad if you don’t look a certain way,” said

“I don’t really care what I look for other people more than I want to be healthier and workout for myself,” said Brent Stone, junior.

“Generally speaking, compared to women, men are less dissatisfied with their own body and consider themselves to be better-looking and less overweight,” said