Softball Senior Night

Softball seniors were recognized Friday night during senior night.

“When I walked to the field, I was just full of emotions,” said Abigail Tiffany, a senior. “They had balloons on the bleachers, streamers in our dugout, and our senior posters were hanging on the fence outside,” said Tiffany. “It didn’t turn out how I thought it would be because I actually got hurt in the middle of the game, and I had to sit out,” Tiffany said.

“I wasn’t too emotional, but I was really happy that all of the girls did that for us and that we were able to have a senior night,” said Alyssa Terry, a senior. “Some of the gifts were a blanket with the seniors on it, which is my favorite; gift cards, a shirt, a picture of all of the girls on a puzzle and we also got a lot of letters from the girls,” said Terry. “Even though we lost, I still was grateful for what the girls did,” Terry said.

“The decorating was honestly really fun, and I loved making posters for the seniors,” said Nicole Emerson, a sophomore. “The girls really deserve it, and I am proud of them for what they have done this season,” said Emerson. “I am going to miss them next year, but I know they will do amazing things in college,” Emerson said.

“I am truly going to miss my seniors next year because they are an asset to our team,” said Braelynn Patterson, a sophomore. “My favorite gift that we got them were the blankets with them on it and the Chatham Softball logo,” Patterson said. “I loved making the posters for them and honoring them,” said Patterson.

“The seniors have always been there for me even at my lowest, and I am grateful for them,” said Kayleigh Harmon, a freshman. “During the game, I got to play and they cheered me on while I was batting. They have helped me with my confidence,” said Harmon. “I am honestly going to miss them so much next year, but they will do great things in the future,” Harmon said.