Student Section Brings New Life to Cavs’ Crowd

Cavaliers came out adorned in leis and tropical shirts for Luau Night against Prince Edward

After two long years, Chatham football is back, and the new student section is bringing new energy to the Cav’s home field.

Many students have come out to support the football team, but some students say they come just to participate in the themes.

The themes are set each week; for example, the first week was a luau theme. Students were asked to wear Hawaiian themed clothing and leis. Neon night is Sept. 16; students are asked to wear neon colors and bring glow sticks, etc.

After the first home game against Prince Edward, even though Chatham didn’t take home a win, students were still filled with excitement and energy. “I love it. I’ll be at every game just to participate. I love the energy,” said Austin Smith, senior.

Football players seem to appreciate the audience as well; glad to finally have a good fan base. Quarterback Zander Cornell, a junior, said, “They get loud. I love the vibes they send to the team.”

Tyler Hoffman, a member of the senior class and a linebacker for Chatham, said “They keep the energy alive; it’s boring for us if it’s quiet. Our student section is definitely the best in the county.”

For the past two years, students haven’t been able to participate in any school spirit activities due to Covid protocol. The student council recognized the need for more spirit activities throughout the school year, and they have worked hard to ensure that students want to participate in school events.

Although met with an overwhelming amount of support, some students had critiques. Jacob Moore, a senior, said, “I think the student section is good, but we need to grow in attendance. If we want to stay loud, more people have to start participating in the chants.”

Other people seemed to have the same complaint with sophomore Cora Liggon saying, “We need actual cheers, and people need to start participating more, or people are going to stop showing out.”