The Powderpuff Game

The recent Powderpuff game was a fun time for all.

Students went to support their fellow friends and family at the game.

“The game was pretty good and very fun to watch,” said sophomore, Marisol Estrada. “I also liked their nicknames on their jerseys; they were pretty cool.”

“I thought that it was an amazing game to watch; I loved watching the girls play because it was something different. The girls definitely expressed themselves on the back of their jerseys,” said sophomore, Michele Byrd.

“The game was okay, but I feel that they could definitely use more cheerleaders and players on the freshman and sophomore team. I do think that the price was reasonable because it was only $2 and two cans to get in. It also helped the school out with their canned food drive,” said sophomore, Mollie Franklin.

“Overall the powderpuff game was fun to watch. I liked it a lot better than the football games. If there were another, I think that I would maybe even participate in it myself because it looked like the girls were having a good time,” said sophomore, Claire Crawford.


The sophomore team, the Terminators, huddle to plan.
The Diesels, juniors and seniors; The Terminators, freshmen and sophomores, along with their coaches.

Photo credits: sophomore Autumn Cassell.