Kindness Club

The Kindness Club is spreading kindness and joy to students at CHS.

The Kindness Club started when a student asked Ms. Tara Stafford, biology teacher,  to help start the club.

“It all started with Alexis Colson asking me if I would be the teacher advisor for a Kindness Club she wanted to start,” Ms. Tara Stafford said. “We briefly talked, and I suggested some ways to get it started. Alexis took it upon herself to write out a mission statement and goal statement for the Kindness Club,”  Ms. Stafford said. “Alyssa Robertson was also very helpful in getting the club going too with ideas and suggestions.”

The Kindness Club here at CHS is not a part of the national organization.

“There is a national Kindness Club,” Ms. Stafford said. “We have used some tips and ideas from their website, but we are not officially affiliated with them.”

There is an inspiration behind the Kindness Club.

“Alexis was the inspiration,” Ms. Stafford said. “Alexis saw a need within the school for more people to be kind to each other and also kind to themselves. She saw a rise in anxiety and mental health issues among her classmates,” Ms. Stafford said. “She wanted to do something to help others.”

The Kindness Club carries out a lot of different acts of kindness.

“We have given out candy and stickers to students,” Ms. Stafford said. “We have written kind notes and spread them around the building. We are currently starting a way for students and staff to make requests for acts of kindness,” Ms. Stafford said. “There are Acts of Kindness request stations spread around the school.”

There are quite a few students in the Kindness Club already.

“We have about 30 members currently in the club,” Ms. Stafford said. “We would like to have more people become active in sharing acts of kindness.”

No funding is currently being provided for the Kindness Club.

“Currently, we do not have any funding for this club,” Ms. Stafford said. “The kind acts and goodies that have been given out came out of the pockets of the Kindness Club members.”

A lot of students and staff have already been reached by the Kindness Club.

“That is a hard number to say for sure,” Ms. Stafford said. “We distributed nearly 300 glow sticks.” “I am going to place the number around three hundred and fifty, considering students and faculty members,” said Ms. Stafford.